Japanese New Year Tradition お正月

<Greeting 初詣>

Japanese visit temples and/or shrines on new year to make a wish. It is called “Hatsumoude” 初詣.  The translation is “the first visit”  We thank for things happened last year and to wish health and  happiness of the new year.

<Special Meal おせち>

Special meal we eat during new year is called “Osechi” おせち.  We put special dishes in Bento box and share those food with families and visitors who comes around for new year greeting.


<Calligraphy 書き初め>

In new year, Japanese tradition is to do “Kakizome” 書き初め.  Retaral translation is “writing to begin”.   People make vision at the start of a new year, and by writing the goal, we determine to achieve that goal for the year.

In this workation, you can daily practice Japanese Calligraphy to think through what you want to bring out for 2017.  And at the end of the week, make a official one 正書 to bring it back with you to remind you through out the year what your goal is.



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